Who We Are

With over 45 years of experience in the metal casting industry, Miracle Ferrocast takes pride in being one of the finest and largest metal foundries across the country. Miracle Ferrocast has grown over the years from a very small scale in 1975 to one of the largest metal work firm.


Being one of the largest producers of fine metal shapes, Miracle Ferrocast is equipped with the latest technology in the industry. Miracle Ferrocast has many prime partners in India and across the globe as well. Moulting Metal for tailored requirements is our speciality. From Patternmaking all the way to Melting and Pouring Molten Metal in very less time


Metal casting

Miracle Ferrocast is divided into multiple departments which includes Designing,  Engineering, Quality Assurance, accounting, Operations and Human Resources.

Our experts work for our clients on the highest level to ensure the best quality of our products. Every Product goes through a long procedure of designing according to the requirement, engineering the product according to the requirement and further goes under the manufacturing department for the final product. Later, all the products are checked and tested for client security.

We work with our client’s engineers and understand the the requirement in detail to start the metal work.

  • 1975 –  Beginning of our journey with Vijay                 Foundries on a small scale.
  • 1987 –  Ajay Foundries came into existence                 with better equipments.
  • 2010 – Established Maruti Metal Cast on a                  large scale with superior technology.
  • 2007 –  Sister company Sharda ind. came                   into existence.
  • 2019 –  The largest shafting experts with                     sister company Mihir Eng.
  • 2021 –  With the latest technology equipments and qualified engineers, Miracle Ferrocast came into existence. 


Our Mission is to create sustainable metal designs for our clients requirement.


Our vision is to grow as one the word's largest metal casting industry in the coming years.


Ashok Patel - CEO

Mr. Ashok Patel is one the leading industrialist in Gujarat and India with years of experience in the industry.

Vijay Patel - COO

Mr. Vijay Patel and his vision over the years has helped Miracle Ferrocast to grow at the highest level.

Prashant Patel - Director

Mr. Prashant Patel and his vision over the years has helped Miracle Ferrocast to grow at the highest level.